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Does And Don'ts

In Wildlife Protected Areas
For your own safty all visitors are advised to strictly abide by the following does and don'ts
  • Obtain permit before entering the National Park
  • Be accompanied by a guide authorized by the National Park Authority
  • Wear inconspicuous Khaki, Olive, or Grey clothing. Bright colours particularly white, black and red are not advisable
  • Drive slowly, prescribed maximum speed limit is 20 Kms/Hr
  • Grand right off way to the animals
  • Maintain silence to have a close look on the wildlife.
  • Drive vehicle only on the specified routes.
  • Leave the National Park before sunset
  • Enter the national park before and after the specified time.
  • Enter Sactum Sactorum' prohibited area of the Natinal Park
  • Carry Pets, transistors, tape-recorder and musical instruments inside the National Park
  • Try to cook anything inside the National Park.
  • Blow horn inside the National Park.
  • Drive vehicle off the road.
  • Overtake the other vehicles.
  • Disembark from the vehicle to move on foot.
  • Disturb the animals.
  • Smoke or kindle files.
  • Throw trash inside the National Park.
Strictly Prohibited
  • Drinking alcohol inside the National Park.
  • Carry of arms and ammunitions, crackers and any kind of explosives.
  • Fishing and trappping wild animals with any kind of implement.
  • Use of plastic inside the park.
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